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The Future Home... of WCOD Past!

If you lived on Cape Cod before 1967, you could scan up and down the radio dials and find only one local radio station (WOCB in West Yarmouth, which broadcast on both AM and FM).

On June 2, 1967, WCOD(FM) Hyannis signed on the air -- and Cape Codders finally had a choice.

At the time, rock-and-roll oldies only went back 1967-CodfishLogoabout a decade, so WCOD broadcast easy-listening tunes in stereo over its 25,000-watt signal. 

There were no live DJs yet.  A West Coast music service provided the programming on massive reels of tape that WCOD staffers monitored on four automated playback decks.  The station logo was a codfish blowing notes from a saxophone.

The original owners, Charter Broadcasting, sold the station in 1970 to an energetic 28-year-old former New Haven DJ named Dana Kott.  Dana assembled an entire staff of young announcers, newsmen and salespeople and immediately introduced live DJs from 6pm until 2am signoff. 

The first (and the best) of these was Paul McKenna, who continued to host a weekend show on WCOD more than three decades later.

Dana spared no expense when it came to equipment and jingles.  As a result, WCOD developed a distinctive “sound” that was high-energy, good-natured and unrelentingly local.  By 1974, the station was live from 6am to midnight.  And even with WQRC and WCIB now on the scene, WCOD was at times attracting over 60% of the audience!

Dana Kott sold the station in 1978 and moved to California.  WCOD has been owned by a succession of corporations since then and continues to offer fine programming to Cape Cod.

But this website is for any of you who grew up listening to Paul McKenna, “McGrew Til Two”, Earphone Jack, Bill Stephens, Ray Brown, Dick Teimer, Dean Manchester, Len Thomas, Art Powell, Rick Stuart, Bruce James or
Tony Arden. 

It’s for everyone who furiously dialed 775-6800 trying to reach Floyd Pratt, Don Bartlett, Alan Bishop or Ray Brown on the Auction Show to bid on a precious gift certificate from Captain Bill’s or the Sub & Pub.

It’s for everyone who enjoyed Jon Wetterlow’s top-notch play-by-plays of the Cape Cod Cubs hockey team (which made the Eastern Hockey League playoffs from their humble home at the Cape Cod Coliseum).

It’s for everyone who phoned in their opinions to Deven Black or Bill O’Brien on Cape Cod Calling, or who shared their sports wisdom with Larry DeHaan, Bill Abramson or Joe Sherman on Sunday evening’s Sports Hotline.

And it’s for everyone who ever phoned in a request, won a stack of LPs or Bicentennial T-shirt, or cheered on the hapless WCOD Softies softball team.

We’ll be collecting and posting pictures, stories and airchecks from that era.  So if you have a question to ask or a memory to share, let’s hear from you!  Our e-mail address is e-mail-image.


This “tribute” website is in no way affiliated with the current owners of WCOD,
who should not be blamed for any of our excesses here!

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