Fun Facts

WCOD Airchecks

Paul McKenna
Paul began at WCOD at the dawn of the 1970s.  And until one memorable Thanksgiving weekend in 1972 (when he elected to sign off at midnight and go home early), he was THE personality of Stereo 106, as well as its Music Director.  Everyone knew Paul and tuned in to hear him 6-10pm.  Here’s a slice of how he sounded on the evening of
August 15, 1972.

Alan Bishop
Alan came on board as Station Manager in December 1972 and remained until April 1975.  During that time, the Bearded One hosted the Auction Show, recorded ads and occasionally did an airshift. 

          This one is from January 1973.

          This January 1974 aircheck features both Alan Bishop and Dana Kott.

          And here’s a compilation of some of Alan’s Auction Show bloopers
          (along with his farewell remarks in April 1975).

Dusty Rhodes
Over the past four decades, Cape Codders have become very familiar with Dusty.  But here are two airchecks of the night it all began.  It was a Sunday evening in February 1973.  WCOD Owner Dana Kott was hanging around the studio with his Sales Manager and decided to switch off the automation system and go live. 

Dana had been “Johnny Ringo” on Top 40 station WAVZ/New Haven, CT during the 1960s.  Why not demonstrate to his eager, neophyte colleague how to be an air personality?  On this occasion, he used the name “Dusty Rhodes” and spun some oldies for a half-hour.  Then he turned over the microphone and the controls to his Sales Manager. 

Listeners must have been confused to hear Dusty’s voice change so abruptly in the middle of his show!  An alert staffer switched on a tape deck, thus preserving for posterity this historic hour of broadcasting.  So here ya go...

          Dana as Dusty Rhodes                               “Dusty” as Dusty Rhodes

Jon Wetterlow
Jon joined WCOD as its first Sports Director, concurrent with the debut of the Cape Cod Cubs of the Eastern Hockey League (whose games were broadcast over WCOD).  Jon’s brilliant play-by-play, the plush-but-not-overly-ostentatious Cape Cod Coliseum, and the coaching of ex-NHL star Bronco Horvath spurred the Cubs to a Division championship in their inaugural (and only) season.

          Jon’s PBP highlights                Jon’s season signoff (March 27, 1973)

Dick Teimer
Weekends were fun at WCOD.  The regular staff relaxed at the beach and entrusted the station to part-timers who enjoyed taking requests, giving away prizes, sitting alone in an empty building and earning $3.50/hour.  Here’s “Teimer On The Weekend” from the Bicentennial Summer of ’76.

Tony Arden
When Tony did middays during the mid-70s, WCOD had four telephone lines, but only one telephone number (775-6800).  And it was nearly impossible for any business calls to get through during Tony’s shift, because “T.A.” constantly had a bevy of fans calling in for extended conversations!  If you were “on hold” and missed hearing Tony in April 1977, here’s your chance.

Bruce James
This son of the Midwest brought his talents (and those oversize Chicago softballs) to Stereo 106 during afternoons and evenings of the Disco Era.  The same week that Bucky Dent sank the Sox, Bruce left WCOD for bigger things.  Here’s Bruce’s finale from October 6, 1978.

Rick Stuart
Undoubtedly the best golfer ever to sit at a WCOD microphone, this Williams College alum brought personality and wit to afternoon drive (and the Trivia Show) from 1976-78.  He also bears an amazing resemblance to 30-year Pittsfield, MA morning drive legend Rick Beltaire.  Come to think of it, no one has ever seen them in the same room together...  

          Rick Stuart, 1978                      Rick’s WCOD sayonara (November 17, 1978) 

The Trivia Show
Mondays may never be everyone’s favorite day of the week, but you can’t blame the Trivia Show for that.  For one hour (10-11am)  each week, a pair of WCOD DJs would ply their improvisational chops with eager contestants.  Some of the bits enraged management, but that’s what they get for listening.

          Dick Teimer, Ed O’Toole, Deven Black (Sept 27, 1976)

          Trivia’s tribute to Jack Cassidy (Dec 13, 1976)

          Trivia’s “tribute” to just-executed Gary Gilmore (Jan 17, 1977)

          Bill Stephens & Len Thomas (1977)

During the 1976 Presidential Election campaign, Trivia somehow unearthed a few ancient “radio broadcasts” of various U.S. presidents meeting their doom -- and shared these century-old treasures with our Trivia Show listeners.

          Deaths of Presidents #1:  William Henry Harrison (March 4, 1841)

          Deaths of Presidents #2:  James Garfield (July 2, 1881)

          Deaths of Presidents #3:  William McKinley (Sept 6, 1901)

          Deaths of Presidents #4:  Warren Harding (Aug 2, 1923)




WCOD Commercials

Avis 'Weekend Proposition' (Alan Bishop) Oct 13, 1973

B&B Automotive (Dana Kott) Sep 30, 1972

Bass River Auto Sales (Dana Kott) Nov 28, 1972

Bourne Bridge Auto Sales  (Dana Kott) Sep 30, 1972

Burger King (Dana tag) Dec 29, 1972

Cape Cod Motor Sports Center (1973)

Dipsy Poodle (Dick Teimer) July 9, 1976

Dumonts Pharmacy (Tony Arden)

Egg & I Restaurant (Dana Kott) Dec 29, 1972

Haskell's (Dana Kott) Oct 11, 1973

Jim Kissam Chevrolet (Dana Kott)

Man's World Massauna (Alan Bishop) Oct 13, 1973

Martin & Martin Tire (Dana Kott) Dec 29, 1972

Maximus Super (agency) Sept 30, 1972

Ocean Park Inn (Dana Kott) Oct 12, 1973

Peter Lorry Waterbeds (Barry Greenberg) Sep 30, 1972

Sitzmark II (Dana Kott) Oct 11, 1973

Skipper (Dana Kott) July 9, 1976

Sub & Pub (Alan Bishop) 1973

Swamp Fox (Bill Stephens) July 9, 1976

Ultra Brite (ABC Network)




WCOD Promos

American Top 40 promo (Casey Kasem) Sept 30, 1972

Auction Show promo (Don Bartlett) Nov 28, 1972

Auction Show promo (Alan Bishop), Dec 29, 1972

Bronco Horvath Show promo (Bronco Horvath), Dec 30, 1972

Cape Cod Cubs Debut promo (Sept 30, 1972)

Cape Cod Cubs promo (Jon Wetterlow) Dec 29, 1972

Cape Cod Cubs 'Screaming Highlights' promo (Jon Wetterlow)

Harry 'Mr Slenderizer' Kaufman Exercise Club promo (Alan Bishop), Dec 29, 1972





WCOD “Double Gold” sweeper (Dana Kott)

WCOD “Instant Hitline” intro (Dana Kott)

WCOD “I Had My Number One Pair Of Cutoffs On” jingle (PAMS)

WCOD “KotCom Broadcasting” nightly sign-off (Dana Kott)

WCOD Staff Holiday Greetings, 1977

Peace Corps PSA Parody - Plowing With Oxen (Deven Black & Dick Teimer)




Year-end Countdowns

A tradition among Top 40 stations was to compile a list of the Top 100 (or 106) songs of the year and then count them down during the week after Christmas.  WCOD was no different -- except in the way we introduced the #1 song of the year.

Listeners would hear a five-minute sequence of the “hooks” from Songs #100 to #2, followed by a booming tympani heralding the top song.  The task of somehow squeezing all this onto a 330-second tape cartridge usually fell on weekend DJ Dick Teimer, which was great practice for his eventual career producing and syndicating Time Capsule® Quizzes.

          WCOD Mini-100 of 1975

          WCOD Mini-100 of 1976

          WCOD Mini-106 of 1977

          WCOD Mini-100 of 1978

          WCOD Mini-100 of 1979

Extra credit:  What were the #1 songs of each of those years?